Using a specialized group of engineers and workers, we provide a completely personalized service, tailored to the needs and specifications of each particular project, allowing us to make mount our own buildings or third parties developments, responding to a growing demand of companies and individuals who require this service.

In addition, we conduct extensive testing and commissioning of facilities development (as required), in each and every one of our assembly work. We also offer maintenance services.

We offer these types of montage:

  • Metal structures (sheds, barns, roofs, warehouses, industrial buildings, storage silos, etc.).
  • Mechanical equipment (assembly lines, transport equipment).
  • Electronic equipment (motors, control boards with PLC).
  • Instrumental (automata, PLC commands).
  • Av. Urquiza 152, Humberto Primo
    Santa Fe, Argentina
  • +54 (03493) 156 634 49
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Industria Argentina
Industria Argentina
Industria Argentina
Industria Argentina