At IADI we know that a job well done is the result of the application of a series of processes and know-how, but the pillar is the development of plans and reports that display information clearly and accurately.

Most of the companies are only limited to overturn the results of the calculation software, and their job ends there. Others, entrust the preparation of plans and report generation to third parties.

We believe that the most efficient way to get quality results, is by assigning a dedicated person per project, responsible for accurately tracking and following up through all stages, from the performance of the calculations, to the development of the blueprints next to the general report, and ultimately, execution. This methodology has allowed us, over time, to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in delivering products to our customers.

Our advantages:

  • Using computational methods (finite element) for design and calculation.
  • Calculation according to national and international standards (wind and earthquake).
  • Determination of reactions and anchor bolts.
  • Determination of dynamic load mechanisms.
  • Reports and simple calculation documents.
  • Av. Urquiza 152, Humberto Primo
    Santa Fe, Argentina
  • +54 (03493) 156 634 49
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